The Best Price on Brakes, service and repair in North County San Diego

The best price for new brakes, brake service and brake repair is at Paradise Auto & Truck Center in San Marcos California. This auto and truck repair shop is family owned and operated, so you are always dealing with the owner, Charlie Marabella! One of the last honest mechanic, who believes in taking care of the customer first, and they will always come back to see you attitude and it sows by his repeat and referral customers!

The first sign or indication that you might need new brake pads is when your brakes start to squeak when stopping. If you catch it in time, meaning as soon as you hear the brakes squeak, take your car or truck into Paradise Auto & Truck Center in San Marcos to have them look at it. What may happen is, if you catch it time, you might only need a service or just new pads.

Otherwise, what happens to that squeak, if you don’t get it looked at right away, is that squeak will turn into a grinding noise, where you can tell the pads are rubbing or even grinding against the rotors. Now if that happens, you can be sure the rotors will have to be turned or worse, replaced if there isn’t enough metal to properly refinish the rotors. In order to achieve optimal stopping distance to improve safety on your vehicle, we will give the new brake pads a smooth surface by finishing the rotors, which will make your car or tuck stop faster, be safer on the road and will eliminate that awful squeaking or grinding sound coming from the brake pads.

At Paradise Auto & Truck Center, we are running a special for the Summer/Fall of 2015. We have a special price reduction for high quality brads, which includes the refinishing the rotors. The brake special includes replacement brake pads with centric posi-quiet premium pads and turning or refinishing the rotors. This special price for brake pad replacement is for Asian & Domestic cars and light trucks and costs only $197 plus tax per axle.